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Michael Blassie was born on April 4, , in St. Louis, Missouri to George and Jean Blassie. He was the oldest of five children.

Vietnam War | National Archives

In , Blassie graduated from the U. Capitol Rotunda for three days. The President also accepted the interment flag at the end of the ceremony. Media attention increased around Blassie and on Jan. Air Force Lt. Michael J. On July 11, , 1st Lt. While X was awarded the Medal of Honor when he was interred in the Tomb of the Unknown at Arlington National Cemetery, it was rescinded when the remains were identified as Michael Blassie.

Alvarez was captured and taken to Hao Lo prison. From that day until the final release of POWs in March of , service members were shot down, captured, and taken prisoner by North Vietnamese forces. A commemorative dog tag for each of the honored Wisconsin MIAs is also affixed to the frame of the bike. Dozens of bricks were recovered in when an American official, driving to work in Hanoi, discovered the prison was being torn down. One of the bricks is also a part of mobile Education Center of The Wall That Heals exhibit that travels to communities across the country.

Growing up on military bases throughout his childhood, he had a penchant for pranks. While a cadet at the Air Force Academy, he and his roommate John Albright — listed just above on Line 13 — became fast friends and were known for their hijinks. While providing illumination for accompanying bombers, they were involved in a mid-air collision.

As their plane fell to the ground, it is believed both were able to escape. After search and rescue efforts returned only the pilot, they were listed as Missing in Action. You can see the cross symbol next to the names of Albright and Donahue — indicating their current status as Missing in Action.

There were also reports of live prisoners of war POW who were left behind when the war ended. The first Run in , had roughly motorcycles and riders demanding that the U.

A Prisoner Of War Recounts His Story Of Survival In Vietnam

Now with over a million riders and spectators combined, Rolling Thunder has evolved into an emotional display of patriotism and respect for all who defend our country. The Rolling Thunder First Amendment Demonstration Run has also evolved into a display of patriotism and respect for all who defend our country. The following historical information was written by Carol Bates Brown, one of the originators:. Entertainers Bob Hope and Martha Raye served with me as honorary co-chairmen. The idea for the bracelets was started by a fellow college student, Kay Hunter, and me, as a way to remember American prisoners of war suffering in captivity in Southeast Asia.

In late , television personality Bob Dornan who several years later was elected to the US Congress introduced us and several other members of VIVA to three wives of missing pilots. They thought our student group could assist them in drawing public attention to the prisoners and missing in Vietnam. The idea of circulating petitions and letters to Hanoi demanding humane treatment for the POWs was appealing, as we were looking for ways college students could become involved in positive programs to support US soldiers without becoming embroiled in the controversy of the war itself.

During that time, Bob Dornan wore a bracelet he had obtained in Vietnam from hill tribesmen, which he said always reminded him of the suffering the war had brought to so many. We wanted to get similar bracelets to wear to remember US POWs, so rather naively, we tried to figure out a way to go to Vietnam. Since no one wanted to fund two sorority-girl types on a tour to Vietnam during the height of the war, and our parents were livid at the idea, we gave up and Kay Hunter began to check out ways to make bracelets.

The major problem was that VIVA had no money to make bracelets, although our advisor was able to find a small shop in Santa Monica that did engraving on silver used to decorate horses. The owner agreed to make 10 sample bracelets.

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Armed with sample bracelets, we set out to find someone who would donate money to make bracelets for distribution to college students. They were sympathetic but not willing to help fund our project. The Santa Monica engraver agreed to make them and we could pay him from any proceeds we might realize.

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Although the initial bracelets were going to cost about 75 cents to make, we were unsure about how much we should ask people to donate to receive a bracelet. We decided this seemed like a fair price to ask from a student for one of the nickel-plated bracelets. On Veterans Day, November 11, , we officially kicked off the bracelet program with a news conference at the Universal Sheraton Hotel. Public response quickly grew and we eventually got to the point we were receiving over 12, requests a day.

We formed a close alliance with the relatives of missing men — they got bracelets from us on consignment and could keep some of the money they raised to fund their local organizations. We also tried to furnish these groups with all the stickers and other literature they could give away.

In all, VIVA distributed nearly five million bracelets and raised enough money to produce untold millions of bumper stickers, buttons, brochures, matchbooks, newspaper ads, etc. In , VIVA closed its doors. BFI Reuben Library. Future learning and skills. BFI Education events. Classroom resources for teachers. Courses, training and conferences for teachers. BFI Film Academy.

Every war has prisoners, yet Vietnam stands out as unique in the American psyche

About BFI Education. Film industry statistics and reports. Future learning and skills — giving everyone the opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with film. I want to…. Browse our education events. Use film and TV in my classroom. Read research data and market intelligence. The Deer Hunter The two films, both major critical and commercial hits, went head-to-head at the Oscars, and jointly dominated the major categories: The Deer Hunter took home five awards, including best picture and director, while Coming Home was recognised for its screenplay and lead performances by Jon Voight and Jane Fonda.

And, of course, the year conflict has also provided rich material for documentarians, including pioneering work by heavy-hitters such as Errol Morris and Werner Herzog. Each of the recommendations included here is available to view in the UK. What follows are 10 films that deserve consideration alongside The Deer Hunter as Vietnam war greats.

Notably absent from the list are any films from Vietnam itself. This scuzzy 70s shocker is a bracingly inventive rumination on what would in years to come be recognised as combat-induced post-traumatic stress disorder. Inspired by W.

The 10 Best Movies About the Vietnam War

Deathdream may be hokey and riddled with baffling plot holes, but viewed today it seems remarkably prescient. The film was completed a full five years before the issue of US veterans reintegrating back into society would be tackled more directly in The Deer Hunter and Coming Home. The imaginative way in which director Bob Clark riffs on vampire mythology also anticipates George A.

Why Vietnam POWs Refused This CIA Rescue Mission

Hearts and Minds The film received some criticism at the time for its unabashed one-sidedness, but with hindsight its approach seems reasonable, given the nobility of its intentions and the severity of the matter at hand. Coming Home He careers straight into Sally Fonda and sends his catheter bag flying, which bursts all over her pristine outfit.

It serves as a pleasingly unconventional visual metaphor for the sudden disruptive effect the pair will have on one another.