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How Much is My Car Worth?

You have no way of knowing the condition of those cars, regardless of what the ads claim, compared to your vehicle. You're much better off running your car's value through these two competing websites, which are going to be more objective. Before you can determine your car's value, you have to define its condition. Be honest with yourself and follow these guidelines.

They really give you an objective view of your car's condition. To further help your decision, have a friend inspect your car as if he or she was going to buy it. Use my used car inspection checklist as a guideline. No sense reinventing the wheel.

Car Value Estimator - Black Book Value - Used Car Values |

I'm going to keep my rating simple and use stars. On this page, we'll examine used cars in excellent and good condition. The next page looks at average, rough and damaged used cars. This vehicle would be in exceptional shape in all aspects.

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The engine runs well and its maintenance records are complete. The tires match and have lots of tread on them with no uneven wear patterns.

The inside and outside are free of damage. The car's paint has no flaws and is free of excessive chips and dings. The title is clear and the car can pass all required local and state inspections.

According to kbb. This ranking applies to cars that show wear consistent with their age. There are no major mechanical or cosmetic problems. The paint still looks good, but possibly has some scratches or dings. Some minor touch up might be needed. The interior has minimal wear on the seats and carpet. The tires are in good shape and have some life left to them. A four-star car ideally has its maintenance records available, a clean title, and can pass inspection.

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It's tough to admit your used car might be in one of these categories -- but you have, to be honest with yourself. Look at these definitions and see if your used car belongs to them. A car with this rating might have a few problems that may require a small investment to fix. Maybe the exterior paint has faded. There could be lots of scratches and dings — even a small dent or two. We can pull up the exact spec of the car you want to value. Free valuations are available for most cars made from onwards, calculated using a standard mileage rate based on 10, miles per year.

The Parkers car valuation calculator gives you independent prices and accurate car values - and we can do van valuations too. Our team of independent experts visit hundreds of car dealers and auctions every month, to research the actual selling price of thousands of cars. We monitor around 1.

Buying a Used Car from a Dealer (The Right Way)

It's all in our car valuation online tool. Even though they can make a car more attractive to a potential buyer, not all added options fitted to a vehicle will guarantee an increase in value when you come to sell.

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Remember that mileage and options can make a significant difference to how much your car is worth — sometimes adding hundreds or even thousands of pounds to a value, so it can pay to get a fully adjusted car valuation. PakWheels assumes no responsibility for errors and omissions. Reproduction of material from any PakWheels.

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