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Paul John Costic III
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McCarthy Papers". University of Minnesota. Vanity Fair. Archived from the original on December 20, The Columbia Guide to America in The s. Woolley April 27, History Channel. March 31, Archived from the original on August 26, Retrieved June 18, August 25, Kennedy and the Battle for California". Oakland Museum of California. June 14, Archived from the original on July 3, Los Angeles Times. Archived from the original on July 30, Retrieved August 4, June 2, July 8, July 27, August 4, October 7, October 11, December 22, December 26, February 24, May 8, August 12, November 17, Facts on File.

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Lincoln, Ross September 18, Retrieved September 21, Hubert Humphrey. Democratic Party presidential primaries, Democratic National Convention protests United States presidential election presidential campaign Edmund Muskie. Primary documentary Hubert H. Humphrey Building. Vice Presidents of the United States. Tompkins — John C. Johnson — John Tyler George M. Dallas — Millard Fillmore — William R.

King John C. Wheeler — Chester A. Arthur Thomas A. Hendricks Levi P. Fairbanks — James S. Sherman — Thomas R. Marshall — Calvin Coolidge — Charles G. Dawes — Charles Curtis — John N. Garner — Henry A.

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Wallace — Harry S. Truman Alben W. Barkley — Richard Nixon — Lyndon B. Category List. Unsuccessful major party candidates for President of the United States. Douglas George B. Bryan , , Alton B. Cox John W. All presidential candidates Presidents Third party candidates. United States senators from Minnesota. Humphrey M. Humphrey Durenberger Grams Dayton Klobuchar. Nelson Ball H.

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United States Democratic Party. Davis Denver : W. Johnson Atlantic City : L.

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  • Stevenson — Bell — Polk — J. Jones — Davis — Cobb — Boyd — G. Jones — Gorman — Blackburn — C. Culberson — Money — Martin — Kern — Martin — Hitchcock — Underwood — Robinson — Barkley — Lucas — McFarland — Johnson — Mansfield — Byrd — Mitchell — Daschle — Reid — Schumer —present. History Primaries Debates Party factions Superdelegate chairmanship election chairmanship election House Caucus leadership election House Caucus leadership election Weekly Democratic Address.

    United States Senate Majority Whips. Deputy Presidents pro tempore of the United States Senate. Hubert Humphrey George J. Cabinet of President Lyndon B. Robert S. Robert F. Stewart L.

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    Orville L. Luther H. Anthony J.

    Robert C. Alan S. Dwight D. Richard Nixon.

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    Riley A. Adlai Stevenson. John Sparkman. Alben W. Barkley Paul A. Dever W. Kerr Richard Russell Jr. Third party and independent candidates. Stuart Hamblen. Enoch A. Vincent Hallinan. Charlotta Bass. Eric Hass.

    Thomas R. Knechel

    Darlington Hoopes. Samuel H. Farrell Dobbs.