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Install Signature Switch to create such a predefined set of signatures.

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Look for the New button to set up a new signature, and ensure that the signature file is in the. HTML format. Sending mass email with a personal touch is easy if you have installed Mail Merge. That is unless you use an add-on like Mail Merge. With the add-on installed, you can use variables to turn a single email draft into any number of personalized individual messages.

CSV spreadsheet. Mail Merge creates a new email for each recipient and saves it to your outbox. It also replaces the variables with their appropriate values.

Find system controls and settings in the Control Strip

The add-on is compatible with Thunderbird 45, but I did have trouble getting it to work, most likely due to a conflicting add-on. After you install the add-on, look for the quickFilters Assistant button in the toolbar and click on it. Select one of the default criteria listed and hit the Create Filter … button. Of course, you can create a new filter even when the quickFilter assistant is not active.

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Click on the Message Filters … button in the toolbar to begin. If you have created a sticky note for an email, it shows up when you select the message. It disappears if you click elsewhere on the screen and reappears when you reselect the message. I decided to include it here because it is a handy, time-saving add-on worth giving a chance. The add-on allows you to attach images, files, URLs, and so on directly from the clipboard. Delayed sending is a powerful feature to have in an email client. The problem is that you have to send these unsent messages manually later on.

This brings up the scheduling options you can see below. In the Send at: field, using the placeholder text as an example, enter the date and time when you want the email to go out. If you click on this button, the message ends up in your Drafts folder and gets sent at the time you chose. The message then goes to the Outbox folder and gets sent out along with the rest of the unsent messages.

14 Outlook tips that will make your day easier | Focus

With Personas Plus you get to give your email client a makeover. When you install the add-on, Thunderbird automatically gets a new background and new colors for the user interface.

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Here's how it works and whether it stands up to scrutiny. Read More and authentication to Thunderbird. Also works with Firefox. This is not the same as forwarding. May cause conflict with the Mail Merge add-on. QuickNote — Lightweight, tabbed extension that adds a note-taking feature to Thunderbird. Autosaves notes. BorderColors GT — Assigns a unique color to the Compose window based on the From: email address, to help with easy identification of accounts.

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  6. The 30 Best Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for 12222.
  7. Menu Filter — Adds support for hiding menu items you never use. Also offers other toolbar tweaks. Tab Wheel Scroll — Lets you switch tabs by scrolling with the mouse wheel. Search as list — Displays search results as a list.

    Manually sort folders — Lets you reorder folders and accounts in the folder pane. Subject Manager — Allows you to collect, manage, and reuse subjects of composed emails. AutoCopy 2 — Automatically copies the selected text to the clipboard and pastes it into text boxes on middle click.

    Slim Add-ons Manager — Displays more add-on entries at a time in the Add-ons Manager by reducing the height of each entry. Simple Locale Switcher — Enables quick switching between different languages for the user interface. Thunderbird is flexible and open source. And browsers are cross-platform.

    Want to have Read More. With so many excellent add-ons to boost its power, Thunderbird only gets better. Have we left out any of your favorite add-ons or ones that you think deserved to make the cut? List them for us in the comments. Your email address will not be published. How to forward these to him with just one button? Eudora had a feature where you could locate the mailbox for the message you were looking at by holding down the control key while double-clicking the message title bar.

    Turn on keyboard shortcuts

    It's been over two years since I was finally forced to give up Eudora, but I'm still waiting for such a feature to be incorporated into Thunderbird. I have been using Thunderbird for years and love it, the only reason I was looking to switch is for some reason the new update wants me to log in every time I send and receive a message each and every time, I have been on the forum and so many others are complaining about this issue as well, there is nothing in the settings that will disable that.

    It is very annoying. I am a desktop user and have been and always will be a desktop computer person, I like my large monitor and the ability to upgrade my computer when needed or build a new one, it is easier and cost effective to do this and I enjoy it even at being almost 60 years old. I like using a desktop email client, it is faster for me just to click the button and go straight to my messages, well it used to be anyway. I use Google gmail and it find it works fine.

    I have used it for 8 years now. And I love it. I also have a Icloud account. It is ok and does what I need it to do.

    Royal Mail Mailmark®

    It does what a email program is suppose to do. I have a Apple PC and have Apple support and they are a very good and dependable source of support. Thought I would write a comment for those who want a simple and easy email to use. Questions: What is the best security program to keep your PC and your information safe? What in the world has happened to Thunderbird? I am on here now looking for a replacement. TB has become a thorn in my side. A month or so ago, it stopped communication with the microsoft exchange server. After that, every few day it would work, then stop working on and off.

    Kat Aoki has nearly 10 years worth of professional IT and troubleshooting experience. She currently writes digital content for technology companies in the U. Updated September 30, Create a new message C : Press the C key to create a new message. Create a new message in a new tab D : Press the D key to create a new message in a new browser tab.

    Forward a message F : Press F to forward an open message. Reply to a message R : Press R to reply to an open message. Reply to all A : Press A to reply to all recipients of a message. These shortcuts are handy for navigating through your messages and long email threads:.