Motion to seal adult felony records

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  1. Disposition Update and Sealing of an Arrest Record
  2. Eligibility for Record Sealing
  3. Expungement vs. Pardon
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Satisfies the eligibility criteria in paragraphs 1 a - e and is not ineligible for court-ordered sealing under s. Has submitted to the department a certified copy of the disposition of charge to which the petition pertains. After that time, the petitioner must reapply to the department for a new certificate of eligibility. Satisfies the eligibility requirements for sealing in subsection 1.

Sealing or Expunging Criminal Records DIY In Court Workshop

Is eligible for sealing to the best of his or her knowledge and does not have any other petition to seal or expunge a criminal history record pending before any court. The court may not order a criminal justice agency to seal a criminal history record until the person seeking to seal a criminal history record has applied for and received a certificate of eligibility pursuant to subsection 2.

Disposition Update and Sealing of an Arrest Record

If the court intends to order the sealing of records pertaining to such additional arrests, such intent must be specified in the order. A criminal justice agency may not seal any record pertaining to such additional arrests if the order to seal does not articulate the intention of the court to seal a record pertaining to more than one arrest. This section does not prevent the court from ordering the sealing of only a portion of a criminal history record pertaining to one arrest or one incident of alleged criminal activity. The appropriate state attorney or the statewide prosecutor and the arresting agency may respond to the court regarding the completed petition to seal.

The arresting agency is responsible for forwarding the order to any other agency to which the arresting agency disseminated the criminal history record information to which the order pertains. The department shall forward the order to seal to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The clerk of the court shall certify a copy of the order to any other agency that the records of the court reflect has received the criminal history record from the court.

The appropriate state attorney or statewide prosecutor shall take action within 60 days to correct the record and petition the court to void the order. No cause of action, including contempt of court, shall arise against any criminal justice agency for failure to comply with an order to seal when the petitioner for such order failed to obtain the certificate of eligibility as required by this section or such order does not otherwise comply with the requirements of this section. I of the State Constitution and is available only to the following persons: 1. The subject of the record;.

Criminal justice agencies for their respective criminal justice purposes, which include conducting a criminal history background check for approval of firearms purchases or transfers as authorized by state or federal law;.

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Judges in the state courts system for the purpose of assisting them in their case-related decisionmaking responsibilities, as set forth in s. To those entities set forth in subparagraphs b 1. Is a candidate for employment with a criminal justice agency;. Is a defendant in a criminal prosecution;. Concurrently or subsequently petitions for relief under this section, s. However, if you were more than 13 years old and were tried as a "juvenile offender" for a serious crime, the record is treated as if you were an adult. These cases have been sealed automatically since , so unless you have a very old conviction, you don't need to take any action.

You can seal non-criminal "violation" offenses, which are typically low-level acts like loitering or trespassing. Please note that you cannot seal some serious violations, such as driving while impaired DWI or loitering in a sexually deviant manner.

Eligibility for Record Sealing

These offenses are normally sealed one year after the conviction, unless the conviction was before Like other types, convictions after are sealed automatically after three years. As you can tell, most criminal records are automatically sealed after the appropriate time limit has passed.

New Law Increases Eligibility for Sealing Criminal Records

But better safe than sorry; try obtaining a copy of your rap sheet to be sure. You can request a copy from the Division of Criminal Justice Services online. If there are offenses on your rap sheet you'd like sealed, you'll have to file a motion with the court. Contact the clerk's office of the court where the charge was filed and prosecuted.

Expungement vs. Pardon

Fill out the petition to seal records form, and feel free to ask the clerk for assistance. Case and arrest details, as well as proof of completion of any required rehabilitation program, must be provided. If the court approves your petition, it will be entered into the record and the clerk will inform you. All records will be sealed at this time.

Expungement and Criminal Record Sealing | Justia

If the court challenges your petition, you may need to provide more information, go to court, and offer greater detail and proof that your records should be sealed. Even if you criminal record cannot be sealed, you can take some steps to increase your chances of finding and keeping a job. Follow this step-by-step guide for how to obtain these certificates.