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Mar 6, 7. I probably could have done that myself with a light file, but I also wanted them to give my gun a good going over so to say, and replace any worn parts or what have you, just to make sure everything is OK. Mar 10, 8. So I guess I'll just have too wait! Any words of comfort would help a poor lonely man who is missing his baby! Mar 10, 9. I'm sure it's missing you too Dutch.

I bet when it gets back home it will start purring and rubbing against your ankles! Mar 10, Too funny Sarg! My waist would feel better. I never realize how much of a difference 5oz made in terms of carrying until I got my BT It truly does make a difference in weight! Last edited: Mar 10, Apr 23, ZenShot , Apr 23, Hey Zen, what are you sending it in for? The slide?

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Yes, the slide stop was getting worse, so I sent it in. From what I've read, the gun doc has a fairly quick turnaround time.

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Yes he does Zen. I got mine back in about two weeks, even though there are warranty centers closer to me, I sent mine to him. He will get the job done and quick! One of the things I no longer do is use the slide release when bringing the slide forward. I've got into the habit of using the sling shot method.

The way I was taught with the Dosent require the fine motor skills the slide catch does. I've modified some of my handguns, such as the SCCY, to make it hard to use the catch to release the slide. The Shield is almost impossible to use the catch as a release. And of course the Hi Point does not have a catch.

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The advantage to using the catch as a release is it takes away any possibility of riding the slide. Another supposed advantage is decreased times times in competition, but I take that with a grain of salt. I think I am just as fast with the overhand method as I am shifting my grip to hit the slide catch. Jun 8, Just for future reference, it is indeed a design feature on the Thunder pistols that if you seat the magazine with a little authority it will auto-load the first round of a fresh magazine.

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Unfortunately the Gun Doctor is incorrect in his information. ColoradoGunWorksGunsmith , Jun 8, Good Lord, now what, the warranty centers are at odds with each other.

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Who and what does one believe? I should have just settled for "Tactical Reload" and left it at that! Last edited: Jun 8, Jun 9, Dear Forum Readers: I have just checked with Eagle Imports, and I have sent an email to my counterpart at the Bersa Factory to confirm that this is still a design feature on the small frame Thunder Series of Pistols.

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At this time all the information available to us from Eagle Imports and Colorado Gun Works says that this is a design feature, and should not be considered a safety issue. If you do not want it to release simply do not seat the magazine with too much force. As soon as I have received a response from the factory, I will post again to let you all know if there has been any change in this design feature on these firearms.

Thank you for your patients while we make sure we are supplying you with the most up to date information.

Bersa ~ Thunder 9 Pro ~ 9mm for sale

Thank you, C. ColoradoGunWorksGunsmith , Jun 9, Just keep an eye on it. It will gradually get worse. Mine got to the point where any little movement would release the slide. I couldn't even set the gun down without the slide snapping shut. The Gun Doc replaced the slide stop and it works normally now. My is only a few months old too.

Stock: Bersa plastic grips Weight: 28 Ozs. Sights: Factory fixed 3 dot sights.

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Extras: 1 magazine, no box. Item Location: Woodbury, MN. Contact Seller.

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