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That was my life for weeks solid. I had no time to do anything else except eat, work and sleep as the task of delivering the phone books was huge! I drove in my car to every street in the Ashbury, Kilmaine and Ballycrochan neighbourhood. I parked my car. I got out with about phone books or how many I could carry in one go and I delivered them by hand to every house in the area. It was crazy. I had to enlist my family to help me with it in the end as I was literally working all day and night for a few weeks and they still laugh about it to this day! I finally got them all delivered and could relax with a beer at the end.

I lasted three days in that job true story! Dad and brother Danny laughing at the huge pile of books to be delivered. Hi Ray, Yes it was a full time job in the end alongside my other full time job at the time! Lesson learned! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Not to mention, I think it's a waste of paper and space.

But I was desperate. So I called the number, they told me to go to an information session in a few days, and I was all set. At the information session, there were two other prospective phonebook deliverers. Both were boys around 20 years old, college students who were young, fit, full of energy, and needed a job to make some quick money.

It turns out both of them had delivered phonebooks before, so I felt encouraged that it was something they would come back to. If I had been thinking straight, though, there were small clues each step of the way as to how hard this task might actually be. The information was given in a video, showing us the specifics of the delivery: one book in a bag, put it by the door, marking on our sheets for the ones delivered, the ones not delivered and why such as "dog - dangerous" , etc.

On the table was a big sheet of paper informing us that we would receive 13 cents for each door delivered to, and an additional 5 cents for each book actually delivered. The moderator assured us that more difficult routes would get more money, and each route had around places to deliver.

It was more than I had bargained for, but the boys thought it was all fine and dandy, and besides, I had five days to finish. We looked at a map of the area on the wall, and green dot stickers all around the map indicated various routes. Choosing a place near my house seemed like the way to go, so I found a sticker in a nearby area. Including businesses and individual homes, the total number on the sticker was books to be delivered. I loaded up my car with phonebooks, but the car only held about books.

Since it was a Friday and the facility would be closed on Saturday and Sunday, I decided to drive home, empty out the books, and return to get more.

Is It Worth Delivering Phone Books for Extra Money?

Then I started the delivery. I did start out at the "hard" end of my route. It was difficult finding parking, and getting from the door of one house to the next took a few minutes. But I still tried to keep my positive attitude thinking "I have apartment buildings at the end of my route, so those will go quickly. Part of my route was on a road with NO parking. It was a two-lane road, and right next to the road on either side was a ditch. Not only could I not park, but if I did happen to find a small space for parking, I could not walk down the road without fear of being run over.

To make things more difficult, the road rolled up and down, so the visibility was small.


Many houses on this road were far from the road. Some houses had wooded driveways, which were hard to tell if they were private or public property, and I felt like an intruder driving in to get closer to the house. I am not a sales person. In fact, I despise sales people. Yet, I found myself doing what felt like sales. If the owner of the house was outside doing yard work or something and I could talk to them, it was usually better. I could immediately tell them I was just delivering phonebooks, and most of them would goodnaturedly tell me no, thank you, or yes, please. Apart from the few houses with friendly people outside and that was maybe 15 houses out of the , I had hoards of people look at me suspiciously, slow their cars to see what I was doing, or accuse me of being a criminal.

Because I was having so much trouble, I enlisted my unbelievably kind mother's help over the weekend. During the weekend, I fell once and my mother fell and skinned her knee through her jeans once. At the end of all the deliveries, I jumped off a ledge that was a little too high, and managed to fantastically fall on the ground and hurt my knees. There is an intersection near my house which was recently within the past 10 years redone, and now is an intersection where the majority of the traffic makes a right turn with oncoming traffic that is not visible until almost too late.

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I use this intersection often, and I know of its dangers. However, flustered as I was at trying to deliver all those phonebooks, I did not notice the oncoming car until almost too late. But it wasn't too late. I was still able to stop. Only, that didn't seem good enough to the driver. He stopped, rolled down his window and yelled at me with utmost rage in his manner and voice:.

That must have been the first time I encountered such direct and emotional road rage. Feeling flabbergasted and not knowing what to do with my emotions, I drove on, decided I could not go on delivering phonebooks at that time, bought myself an ice grande peppermint mocha my fav , and went home to recoup. Of course this road rage didn't really have anything to do with delivering phonebooks. Not to mention it was at an intersection I regularly use and know of its dangers.

However, it sort of cemented into my mind what an awful job I was performing. I think I would have given up earlier had it not been for the rule in the documents I signed that said I would not be paid for anything if I did not complete the entire route.

Why opt-in when you can opt-out?

But now I was ready to be done with it whether or not I was going to be paid. Despite that, in the interest of "doing my job to the best of my ability," I delivered to as many of the remaining businesses as I could find they were generally, though not always, more accepting of the phonebooks and I even had a few who sincerely thanked me , as many of the houses and apartments I could safely get to, and returned the over phonebooks that I did not manage to deliver.

It turned out that apartments did not count towards the "complete" in completing my route. The guy in charge said I would get paid since I finished all the individual residences. However, his calculations of "how many residences I went to" was different from my calculation, and the total he calculated was about two-thirds of what I had calculated. I still was not sure I would be paid, because people at the phonebook company would call a few random houses on my list to make sure I actually did deliver.

And who knew what bad things they would have to say about me. So I waited. Luckily, about a week later, I was paid. I was paid the amount the guy had calculated when I returned the books I had not delivered.


I calculated my total hours worked was at least But wait, I paid for gas. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Winters 7. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I delivered books a day in 11 days earned five thousand dollars. Also you can "Bulk deliver books" which is drop off thousand books at each location.

On my way to school to pick my 5 yr old son up I passed an oldish looking man approximately 55 maybe older. I felt really sorry for him and I was concerned for him I was really touched n quite taken back for how sorry I felt for him.

Working Wednesdays: Delivering Telephone Books in Bangor, Northern Ireland - Don't Stop Living

On watching him drive the car only a few yards and park up again closer to me yet on the opposite side of street.. I decided to look it up on the internet if n why anyone would do such a job n it gutted me to find out that not only such a job is not very well paid Too old to be employed by most businesses but yet not able to claim sick benefits I have done it in the past and would do it again.

Yes its heavy work, but I used a suitcase to wheel my books around from street to street so I wasn't carrying too many. I would leave it parked by a lamp post and run around with say 20 books, then return for more. By doing that, I was quick but not getting too tired with the weight of the books. Then I would return to the car that was probably only 1 street away to fill up my case again.

Its just about being organised. Did this about 30 years ago in Dallas. My mom and her friend got suckered into this. Naturally as a kid I was voluntold.