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This document is the contract between you and your ex-spouse for the terms of the divorce or separation, along with how and when those terms are to be completed. Be sure to go over this document thoroughly with your attorney because it is the blueprint for how you and your ex-spouse will end your marriage.

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More importantly, if you have children, this agreement will lay out the terms of the custody or visitation schedule, child support, medical insurance, payment of extracurricular expenses, and other provisions. Often, many couples seeking an uncontested divorce only use one attorney. An attorney can only represent ONE of the parties, regardless if both are in full agreement.

However, it is not required for both parties to have counsel. One spouse can retain an attorney to draft all of the paperwork and the other spouse will get an opportunity to review everything before signing.

Madison County, Alabama Free Public Records

This is a very common scenario and two attorneys are usually not necessary because the terms of the agreement are so straight-forward. However, if you or your spouse feels better about having the documents reviewed by independent counsel, it is not an inconvenience. The site also has answers to frequently asked questions and links to Florida and interstate agencies. T he MyFloridaCounty. Use your credit card to make online payments.

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Elect to attend or decline traffic school during the payment process. Alphabetical index. Circuit Court Loose Files.

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Original documents in folders Loose Circuit Court Records Documents found separated from their original files. With some exceptions, Minute Book entries are quite brief - usually only a sentence or two. The Record Book entries, preferred by researchers, are longer and give details of the case. Detailed examination has shown the following six volumes to be a sort of hybrid between minute books and record books in that they often but not always contain considerably more information than a typical court minute book.

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This is especially true of Book 5 which contains over divorces. County Court Minute Books 6 volumes Master Index - 25 volumes 2 are missing. Great detail within cases. All 66 volumes complete. All 66 volumes. This mercantile business operated on the Tennessee River south of Huntsville.