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Business Licensing

Need help? A regulatory license may be needed if you personally hold a state license like a doctor, engineer, or architect. Additionally, there are also regulatory licenses and permits depending on the industry of your business. For example, restaurants are regulated by the Nevada Board of Health and require a special permit to operate.

The Common Business Registration is a statewide initiative to make it easier for businesses to register across multiple state agencies. Note: Unlike your Articles of Organization filing, the information entered in your Common Business Registration is not public record.

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Then answer the rest of the questions about your business location and if whether or not you sell goods outside of Nevada. You must list a primary physical location. An example would be a construction company with a primary physical location its office in Washoe County, but they build homes in Storey County.

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  • For the majority of filers, the filing system will skip over Step 4 since it only applies to a small number of businesses. If you entered 0 employees in Step 2, the system will skip over Step 6 and take you right to Step 7.

    5 Steps Business License Process

    If your business will have employees, you have a requirement to hang labor law posters in your place of business. Check off the two boxes agreeing to the terms.

    Signage and Other Requirements

    Based on how you answered the CBR, your Checklist will have additional steps for example, sales and use tax registration. Please review any new information that was added to your Checklist and complete any additional registration steps. A search of our on-line index would enable you to provide either a document number or a book and page number.

    Step by Step Guide

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