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Error Message: Error The system could not find the phone book entry for this connection. Translation: VPN connections can use existing dial-up connections in order to make the link between your computer and the Internet, so the VPN can then be established between your computer and the remote computer. When trying to connect to a VPN using a VPN connection previously defined in Network Connections, the connection is attempting to use a dial-up connection that has been deleted.

Click Network Connections.

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Be sure that a valid dial-up connection exists. If not, create one by clicking Create A New Connection underneath Network Tasks in the left pane and following the resulting instructions. Do more with.

MS Outlook 2003 - Error 623: system couldn't find the phone book e

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Top Expert This award recognizes someone who has achieved high tech and professional accomplishments as an expert in a specific topic. Commented: Hello, Is this happening with just one user or all of them? Check Group Policy to see if any settings are being applied on logon. Author Commented: Hi Its for all the users, and I can't find anything in the group policy, unless of course I'm looking in the wrong place any idea where?

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I am still able to connect to my old dial-up provider and I don't get this error or get dropped. I'm skepitcal that it's the way I initially set up the new connection with the new provider.

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  6. It says to do the following; 1. Right-click the Virtual Private Connection in question, and then click Properties.

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    Select the "Dial another connection first" check box, and then select the appropriate Dial-up connection from the drop-down list box. If there is no Dial-up connection to choose from in this location, you may have to create a Dial-up connection and then repeat these steps. BUT there is no option to "Dial another connection first" check box.

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    It just doesn't exist. Not sure what to do next??

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    Joined: Aug 22, Messages: Joined: Apr 21, Messages: Dunko9 , Oct 24, Joined: May 15, Messages: 11, Error 1. Delete and recreate connectoid more like just a create in most cases, because there probably isn't a connectoid. I woiuld suggest getting a new updated modem driver for the modem and also contacting your ISP since you have dial-up and ask them to help you remove the dial-up connection and install a new one.